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Michelle Obama Whines: It’s “Very Rare” That I Get to Travel Out of America

Michelle and family on vacation

First Lady Michelle Obama is out of touch with reality. She has used the example of Chicago, and all of its violence, as an example of why we need more gun control, completely ignoring the fact that there is already very strict gun control laws in Chicago and it is one of the most violent

Kony 2012: The Goal is Not Our “Awareness”


In the West, it’s almost inconceivable that the universe doesn’t revolve around us. We believe the Americas weren’t “discovered” until a European stumbled across the land; the natives just don’t count, apparently. Hollywood has created dozens upon dozens of films about white Westerners going to Africa to save the Africans who apparently just need white

The Real Story About the “KONY 2012″ Video


Nothing is more dangerous than a populist backlash. When groups of people begin chanting, reason of the individual often gives way to the mindless rants of the collective. Nothing could be more obvious about this than the recently-viral video put out by the political-activist group Invisible Children (IC) called “KONY 2012″. This video has gone viral,

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