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Obama Considering Raising Minimum Wage… by Executive Order


President Obama is making it clear that he has no desire to preserve representative government. He has already illegally bypassed Congress several times; just this week has made multiple threats that he will continue to do so by ramping up his usage of executive orders. Every day, he is operating less and less like the leader of a free country and more like a tyrant. In pure dictatorial fashion, he recently declared that he was “tired of waiting on legislation”

500+ Examples of Obama’s Crimes, Lies, and Corruption (MASSIVE List)

obama fraud

Barack Obama champions himself as having the “most transparent administration in history,” but, as the old saying goes, talk is cheap. And, all evidence shows that Obama’s “talk” is worthless. It is not even free; we — and future generations — are forced to pay for it. The Obama Administration is constantly intertwined with lies, scandals, corruption, and shameless violations of the Constitution. Even if Obama ends his term without a single additional lie, the precedent he is already setting is a major

White House: Food Stamps are “Boosting the Economy”


The economic illiteracy that consistently comes out of the White House is both mesmerizing and infuriating. Their Thanksgiving message to the public this year was no different. “When you sit down to Thanksgiving this year, remember this,” they encourage. Food stamps are “boosting the economy right now.”  This is asinine. Government assistance does not “boost the economy.” The government does not generate income through productive means, like you and I do. All of the money it does have was ultimately taken

Kevin Spacey: TV Companies Should Give Power to the Viewers

kevin spacey

Kevin Spacey is the brilliant actor in the Netflix exclusive TV show “House of Cards” that tells the story of a corrupt Democrat congressman and his political conquests. It’s a show that’s helping redefine TV as it’s only available through Netflix. They released the show all at once so viewers could “binge” on the show, rather than watch it week by week. The result is that the show is wildly popular and helped Netflix expand. Kevin Spacey explains why this

Obama Actually Says, “We Don’t Have an Urgent Deficit Crisis”


Barack Obama will likely go down as one of the most incompetent presidents, making even Jimmy Carter look like a man with a plan. Obama continually reveals the depths of his own economic ignorance to the point that even the typical person on the street thinks he’s clueless. Now, Obama seems to have set a new low. When asked about why people are supporting cuts, Obama said, “We don’t have an urgent deficit crisis.” He then claimed that the only

LA Schools to Spend $990k Using Kids to Promote Obamacare

Even though Obamacare was passed three years ago, is causing insurance in California to skyrocket, is causing 41% of small businesses to stop hiring, and most Americans don’t support it at all, a school district in Los Angeles is going to spend almost a million dollars using kids to promote it to their friends and family. It’s important to understand that power naturally consolidates. People in power naturally look out for each other. That’s why John McCain and Barack Obama

Report: Obamacare Already Making Insurance Prices Double

sad obama

In what has become the most predictable economic catastrophe in American history, Obamacare is already showing signs of complete failure. The entire purpose of the plan is to increase coverage and lower prices — and the result is that people will lose coverage while prices will skyrocket. In California, we’re now seeing the first prices for health insurance next year, and the numbers are horrifying, even for those of us who were expecting and predicting it to be bad. We

Poll: The Poor Are Turning Against Obama


President Obama’s failed economic policies are causing his support to nosedive among the poor and middle class. While Mitt Romney was characterized as the candidate of the rich during the 2012 election, new polling data shows that the rich actually favor Obama’s policies most of all. A new poll from The Economist and YouGov says that 54 percent of rich Americans favor President Obama’s policies. His approval rating is lower among middle class voters and lowest among the poor. While President Obama campaigned for tax increases

The Real Unemployment Rate is Worse Than Reported

not hiring

There are lies, big lies, and then there are statistics. Perhaps worst of all, there are government statistics. Trusting the government to be honest about the economy is like trusting the fox to be honest about guarding the hen house — it’s a recipe for eventual disaster. When Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 7.8%. When Obama took his oath the second time, it was 7.8%… still. So did we have roughly the same labor market during both times?

Ignorance: The Government Is Causing Gas Shortages In NYC


The ultimate politically-incorrect “evil” business practice is “price gouging”. The idea is that some wicked small businessmen raise prices during a crisis, and that this is horrible because they make extra money. Why is that horrible? Because nobody should be able to make money when things are rough, claim the politically correct camp. This outrage, of course, ignores essentially everything about economics. The result? Huge gas lines and gas shortages all over NY City. Price “gouging” makes it more profitable for gas

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