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Why We Should End The Government Money Monopoly

The following article on currency competition was written by Leah Stiles, a student of government and history at Regent University. She has completed a Koch leadership program and an internship with the Foundation for Economic Education. _________________________________  Millennia ago, the first men to construct homes out of mud and reeds could never have foreseen coming, towering skyscrapers of glistening steel and glass. Similarly, bygone farmers trading eight chickens for one pig could never have predicted that, one distant day, humans would

Monetary Inflation in Colonial Bedford, MA

gold bars

The following article was written by Andrew Criscione, who holds a bachelor’s in physics with a minor in pure mathematics. He is currently looking forward to expanding his academic career in economics and his professional career in medical dosimetry. If you’d like to write something for this website, click here. ________________ The money that Americans and the other people of the world use is fiat money: The central bank can command (or “fiat”) the printing of as much of it as the bank

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