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Is Obama Firing Generals Not Willing to Kill Americans?

obama fraud

Last week, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association promised to defend the constitution even to the death — if necessary. Thousands of Americans have pledged to ignore gun registration requirements in New York alone. And millions of Americans are openly discussing the possibility of secession. We live in surreal times. But this isn’t one-sided. Now, Obama is apparently asking his generals a question: are you willing to fire on American citizens? If not, then they can’t go up the ranks. This means

The Real Story About the “KONY 2012″ Video


Nothing is more dangerous than a populist backlash. When groups of people begin chanting, reason of the individual often gives way to the mindless rants of the collective. Nothing could be more obvious about this than the recently-viral video put out by the political-activist group Invisible Children (IC) called “KONY 2012″. This video has gone viral, getting millions of views in an incredibly short amount of time. The organization exists to get a “movement” set up to apply political pressure from

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