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Stop Hating the Rich


I’m tired of hearing people talk about how the rich game the system and take all of our money. Certainly, corporate welfare and cronyism play a part of the present injustices in society. It’s evil and it has to stop. But this general hatred of the rich and of their wealth absolutely has to go.

The War On The Poor And Why It Matters


It’s time we end the story that the media paints about the radical leftists who are trying to bring socialism to the world. Their party platforms claim to be “for” the poor, and the mainstream media bends over backwards to help defend this idea.┬áBut it’s a lie. The only way they’re “for” the poor is

What Should Libertarians Do About Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is a corporatist. He supports the existence of the Federal Reserve. He supports drastically increasing our military spending. He once gave a speech about shutting down coal plants as governor outside of a coal plant. He is absolutely not a libertarian. Barack Obama, however, is obviously no better. The valid arguments against Mitt

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