Obama Sends 140,000 Cans of Teargas to Muslim Brotherhood

April 17, 2013

At this point, essentially nothing the federal government does is surprising. It’s currently in the business of stealing from Americans to prop up dictators with $250,000,000 in essentially cash, US-made F-16 fighter jets and tanks, and even corrupt military deals with the government of Russia. It’s part of how DC works.

The latest is that the US just sent 140,000 canisters of teargas to Egypt, which is ruled by a dictatorial Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptians have been groaning under the tyrannical regime. The teargas is specifically to quell any uprisings or riots against radical Islam. In other words, the US government is essentially in a war against the people of Egypt — taking sides with the Muslim Brotherhood.

If you want an example of why people hate us, there are many reasons. This is one of them. If we continue to prop up the tyrants with taxpayer money, we achieve absolutely nothing other than suffering for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. This is as evil as it gets.

How The US Supplied the Teargas

The UPI reports that the US shipment is only for use by the tyrannical Egyptian government:

“The Egyptian Interior Ministry in February agreed to pay $2.4 million for tear gas from the United States. The Egyptian Independent news agency reports that documents its reviewed indicate the shipment arrived Sunday and state that tear gas is for exclusive use by the Egyptian government.”

In other words, we are now making sure that the people of Egypt must suffer rather than overthrow a dictator who is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. To say this is “evil” is an understatement. The only political benefit to this is apparently just keeping tyrants in power.

The US government is admitting that they’ve facilitated the use. Read the State Department’s official statement:

“[W]e have approved an export license for the shipment of U.S.-manufactured nonlethal riot control agents to the Egyptian Government… we condemn any misuse of these products, of teargas that can result in injury or unlawful death, and any such misuse would jeopardize future exports.”

A shocked reporter asked the State Department official, “But has there not been misuse in Egypt over the last two to three years?

I think we know the answer. The answer is “yes”, and the Obama administration knows this. And they don’t care. If anything, the misuse is the point. Sickening. Claims that they don’t support the “misuse” is simply them flaunting that they’re doing exactly that.

Obama is now having his administration directly facilitate the attacks on peaceful protesters in a country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember, Osama bin Laden was essentially an offshoot of this radical group, and has the same theology — just different political tactics.

We’ve written about how evil this movement is in the past. Apparently, the US government is making a stand… only to defend them.

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