Viral Video Shows Syrian Rebels Committing Atrocities

September 3, 2013

Glenn Beck is a controversial character, standing somewhere between libertarians and conservatives. This angle gives his commentary a potent kick as most people will agree with some and disagree with some of his views.

But now, Glenn is telling Americans to put away their partisan differences, and ignore party politics for once. Here’s the video:

It’s important that we understand that the establishment of both parties — the Obamas and McCains of both parties — are pushing us to war in order to support a rebel force that commits unspeakable atrocities.

Please remember, Obama is backing these insane radicals. Your tax dollars are going to arm them. Now, Obama is risking an illegal war to help prop them up… under the banner of “humanitarian” strike on Assad.

Obama continue to focus on the crimes by the government… and ignores the crimes by the rebels. It’s disgusting.

Meanwhile, Obama knew at least 3 days before a chemical attack that it was about to happen… and did nothing to alert the civilians. It’s not about “saving lives”. It’s some kind of power play — and it’s obvious.

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