Report: People Abusing Welfare, Getting 7k in Food Stamps

February 27, 2013

One of the most mind-boggling problems in America is the outright denial so many statists have about welfare abuse. I personally know people who are gaming the system in order to get as much as possible while working at little as possible. Talk to anyone who works at a grocery store, and you’ll hear horror stories.

This isn’t just theoretical. It’s very real abuse that is being encouraged by people who gain political power the more people are on welfare and foodstamps — people like a certain president. Click here to read 3 insane facts about food stamps in America.

Action 4 News, a local news organization, finally began investigative journalism in order to see how real the abuse is getting. The results? Enough to make you sick.

Since foodstamp cards “rollover”, they’re extremely easy for people to game the system by working extra hours, save the food stamp money over time, and then have a huge balance on their cards — in order to buy luxury items, sell the food to others, or something else entirely.

Yes, this is illegal to do, but there is next to no way to stop it in the system. Again, the system is designed to get people to game it in order to grow the welfare state as a kind of “stopping point” on the road to socialism. The plan is working well.

If someone disagrees, just have them talk with anyone who works in a grocery store. The abuse is real. The left is ignoring it, and the end game is a power grab like what we’ve never seen before.

Click here to read the rest of the report, or watch the video below.

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