Welfare Rant: “I Am Not Your Sugar Daddy”

September 19, 2012

Roughly 1 in 7 people are on food stamps. If you count all forms of welfare, a growing portion of Americans are getting checks from the government. Soon, more than half of the country will simply be living off the other half — not through charity, but through the forced enslavement of taxation.

Some think this is a wonderful trend. In college, several girls openly discussed why they believed they deserved the checks and welfare from the government because they had several kids — on purpose.

They were also getting a free education while I was working insane hours and eventually had to drop out because I couldn’t do both. This makes me bristle just to think about.

You know what? They’re wrong. Dead wrong. No one deserves the right to force a perfect stranger to pay for their baby.

If you decide to have a child when you can’t afford one, that sounds like a crappy life choice. Don’t treat me like your baby’s daddy — I’m not. And yes, it’s fine for me to say it’s a “bad” choice.

Libertarianism doesn’t mean all choices are equal — some really, really bad choices have really, really bad consequences. That’s the point — it serves to discourage people from making them.

I have a job and an income after years of working to make it without vacations, weekends, or basic luxuries that most poor people have. That does NOT make me the sugar daddy of the world.

Until our society can understand this in simple terms, there is absolutely no hope on any level for a long-term recovery.

Charity is one thing, but forcing millions of people to pay is disgusting and makes it easier for people to intentionally have families before they’re married and/or can’t afford them.

This should be uncontroversial, but in a foodstamp, welfare world, it’s not. And that’s why welfare shouldn’t exist. It doesn’t “help” people — it destroys society’s values, destroys wealth, and rewards bad choices.

One of the greatest systems of malinvestment in the world is our welfare system.

The fact that this is offensive even to many libertarians is a great sign of how far off we’ve gone into the philosophy of Marxism in America — many people, even libertarians, really do believe that theft is alright so long as you need it. Down with that socialist lie.

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