This is What’s Wrong With American Leftists

June 4, 2012

The philosophy of leftism requires a complete departure from anything resembling reason. It makes no economic sense, no philosophical sense, no religious sense, and no scientific sense. Leftism requires double standards, inconsistency, hypocrisy, and “doublethink”.

This isn’t popular, of course. We’ve been led to believe that libertarians are paranoid, conservatives are ignorant, and that leftists are the enlightened ones — a glorious gift dumped on our society by the superior minds of the Marxist college professors of the world. But a few minutes and a book on elementary logic should dispel that silly narrative.

Modern leftism can be understood as the philosophy of using government to give “privileges” to the “oppressed” people of the world. Affirmative action, redistribution of wealth for the poor, higher taxes on the rich, insults to the prosperous, etc. It’s the philosophy of the angry and self-loathing person who feels like an underdog… so they’ve decided they want to bully the guy with the nicer stuff to “fight back”. That’s the bitter philosophy of modern leftism. But rather than describe the abstract ideas, let’s look at what the leftist actually looks like in action.

A leftist is someone who believes that we need to see housing prices increase, but if a rich man buys another house, he’s bad.

A leftist is someone who believes that we need pension funds to be available to everyone in the economy, but that the people who manage investments are bad.

A leftist is someone who believes that we need to base our entire economy on consumption and not productivity — and then turns around and blasts America for being too greedy and materialistic.

A leftist is someone who believes that the rich should pay their “fair share”, but that that “fair” doesn’t mean the same amount, the same rate, or anything remotely close to equality.

A leftist is someone who believes that democracy is wonderful, but doesn’t want to make sure that it’s the people who are doing the voting, and not just political cronies without voter ID.

A leftist is someone who protests against police brutality as a general rule, but believes that only the police should have guns.

A leftist is someone who believes we’re all just animals, that we should leave nature alone, but at the same time believes that we should heavily regulate human activity. It’s anti-humanism.

Leftism is not a philosophy that is just a little slip up. It is fundamentally wrong and contradictory. It cannot be rational. It is a flawed approach to economics, society, relationships, wealth, and almost everything else.

Leftism is a broken shell of a philosophy and the world must reject it or face the consequences.

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