BOMBSHELL: Over 35,000 Cases of “Double Voting” Found in North Carolina

President Obama Campaigns In Iowa With First Lady And Vice President Biden

Opponents of voter ID laws will often claim that voter fraud is nonexistent, maybe occurs in small and insignificant numbers, and that there is absolutely no evidence of it being widespread and rampant. However, investigations have been occurring in the swing states after the 2012 election.  Both Florida and Ohio have discovered numerous cases of illegally registered voters, dead voters, illegal immigrant voters, and other discrepancies that taint the integrity of the voting system. These types of investigation results are

Congressman Accuses Obama of Illegal Action at Bundy Ranch

armed agents at bundy ranch

Many of us were watching intently as the tyrannical boot of government stomped down on a Nevada rancher, when 200+ armed federal agents surrounded and seized Cliven Bundy’s cattle. The militarized actions of the Bureau of Land Management led to protestors, Oathkeepers and militias to mobilize in support of the rancher.  After a tense standoff, the feds backed down, if only temporarily. Since that time, Harry Reid and others have spoken out against Bundy and his supporters, while Ron Paul,

POLL: Vast Majority Say Obama is Covering Up Benghazi

Obama and Hillary Benghazi

A recent poll shows that a majority of voters still want a special investigation of the terror attack in Benghazi. The poll also showed that a majority hold Hillary Clinton responsible for the murders in Benghazi. A majority of people also believe that President Obama and the White House are covering up the truth and being less than transparent about the events that transpired on September 11, 2012. This recent poll was conducted by Fox News: Most voters think the

Senator: If GOP Takes the Senate, Impeachment is Next


We have heard a lot of talk about impeaching President Obama, and have grown tired of the empty threats and rhetoric.  But, so long as Harry Reid controls the Senate, we know impeachment will never happen. We know that there are enough votes for impeachment in the House, so it comes down to Republicans taking control of the Senate in 2014, which is on track to happen. Democrats know that they are likely to lose control of the Senate in

George Will Announces Support for a “Convention” to Stop Obama


The movement pushing an Article V Convention of the States is growing fast.  It is composed mostly of state lawmakers seeking to force the federal government to balance the budget with a constitutional amendment. Michigan recently submitted an application for a Convention, possibly becoming the final state necessary to set in motion such a constitutional amendment Convention focused on a balanced budget amendment. More and more influential conservatives are coming out in favor of a convention, including Mark Levin and

Triple-Amputee Veteran: Obama is “Clearly Unfit” for Duty

Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball

Most Americans think that President Obama is not competent when it comes to running the government.  That is certainly apparent when it comes to the military. Whether one agrees with the war in Iraq or not, it is obvious that Obama ended the war early for political reasons, and in the process gave away all of the hard-earned territory purchased by the blood, sweat and tears of our men and women who sacrificed life and limb.  Now Al-Qaeda and their

Vast Majority of Arizona Republicans Want John McCain Fired

Sens. McCain And Graham Hold Health Care Town Hall At The Citadel

Senator John McCain has been voted the “most unpopular” Senator in America, as neither Republicans nor Democrats trust him. He was recently censured by the Arizona GOP for his moderate stance and constant compromising with President Obama and the Democrats.  He supported a bombing campaign in Syria and arming their rebels, supports gun control, supports amnesty for illegal immigrants and said he has “no problem” with the “views and philosophy” of the Democrats, who are a “fine party”. John McCain

Ron Paul on Bundy Ranch: When Americans Unite, Government Backs Off

Bundy Ranch protest

Last week America witnessed the overreaching and heavy hand of the federal government, as Bureau of Land Management agents threatened a Nevada rancher over past due “grazing rights” fees on purported federal land. America responded, and exercised their First and Second Amendment rights to compel the feds to back down from their armed theft of Cliven Bundy’s cattle. The situation got pretty tense, with a standoff developing between armed federal agents versus Oathkeepers and militia members.  Luckily, the situation has

BREAKING: Pro-Liberty Group to Defy the IRS

President Obama Attends Memorial Service At Ft. Hood For Shooting Victims

As more of the truth about the IRS targeting scandal becomes known, the more it becomes apparent that the targeting was done to help Democrats. Besides the silencing and intimidation of conservative groups by the IRS, it has been revealed that the IRS illegally leaked confidential tax information and donor lists to Democrats and liberal political groups, providing them with critical information to be used in attacking their opponents. The IRS has even changed their rules and regulations, attempting to

Cliven Bundy: Harry Reid “Needs to Be Kicked Out of Office”

Bundy family on Reid

Many of us watched intently last week as a standoff grew between the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy in southern Nevada. Supporters and protestors swarmed to the area to help protect Bundy and his ranch from the armed federal agents, as tensions ratcheted higher.  Many of the supporters included Oathkeepers and militia members. On Saturday, the feds backed down from the tense face-off, and pulled back from the Bundy Ranch, releasing his cows that they

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